Hey, whoa, hey! I'm Jenny K. 

Welcome to Wander.Wonder.Eat. where I share moments, thoughts, ideas, and good eats from my extra ordinary, extraordinary life. 

I'm a 20-something female chemical engineer living on the desert side of Washington State (yeah, there's a semi-arid desert in WA. Cray, right?). For the most part, I'm down right average (with some quirky weirdness), but that makes me relatable... er something. I'm planning this blog to be multi-media, with short videos, lots of photos, and of course some musings, DIYs, recipes, and narrations. 

My life and the drivers in my life can be summed up in the phrase "Wander. Wonder. Eat.

Join me in sharing life on this sometimes crazy, sometimes mundane little blueberry of a planet in the universe. 

Meet the gang - - 

Indubitably, you will see much about these guys, my furry partners in crime. These four plus my man-human mate make up my pack.