Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Wonder: The Rhythm & Melody Within, A Resonance

I know music has a very significant impact on all kinds of people. I've felt it firsthand. I've seen it transform people in ways I never could have expected.

Music transcends language, culture, and customs, all while deeply influencing language, culture, customs, and humanity. 

Amazing, right? 

I have a few songs that I consider my soul's rhythm and melody

We all have favorite songs. We all have "our jam." & we've all experienced that moment when a song comes on the radio or in a playlist or at a concert and we just can't help but whoop and holler.

But I'm not talking about those songs. 

There are a few songs that, when I hear them, I feel quietly empowered, whole, and complete. It's as if I'm listening to my aura or hearing my soul. It's a strange feeling. I hear these songs and my thoughts are "If I could translate my energy to music, this is what I would sound like." 

These songs don't change with my mood. Whether I'm angry, sad, happy, utterly distraught, or completely apathetic, I hear these songs and I feel the same feeling of resonance. 

Here are a few of my songs.

Have you ever felt that feeling? Do you have songs like that? How would you describe it? 

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