Thursday, December 31, 2015


Welcome, friends, to Wander.Wonder.Eat. where I share moments, thoughts, ideas, and good eats from my extra ordinary, extraordinary life.

For the first post, let's start with introductions.

My name is Jenny K. I'm a 20-something female chemical engineer living on the desert side of Washington State (yeah, there's a semi-arid desert in WA. Cray, right?). For the most part, I'm down right average (with some quirky weirdness), but that makes me relatable... er something.

My life and the drivers in my life can be summed up in the phrase "Wander. Wonder. Eat."

It may appear that I have a course set in life and that I stick to that heading, but truly I wander from interest to interest, from opportunity to opportunity with enthusiasm and curiosity. To wander doesn't have to be the lonesome and meandering path that it is often made out to be. I wander with purpose and deliberate speed once I find my next destination. Sometimes the destinations are related and have a sensical sequence, and other times the destinations are completely unrelated -- and either way it's good.

As I mentioned above, I approach life with enthusiasm and curiosity. I have not lost my childlike wonder and I hope to never lose it. I am a hardcore Disney fan. I love to color. I have never stopped asking, "Why?" I love introspection and I contemplate many things throughout the day. I look at the world with wonder in my eyes and in my heart. I maintain my sense of optimism, even as my experiences temper it. Or perhaps... perhaps I suffer from Peter Pan Syndrome... if so, I'm a highly functional "adult" so fear not for what may remain of my "sanity."

Anyway, aside from thinking and creating, I love to cook, to feed others, and to eat. Truly my desire to eat well and eat tasty things has driven my love of cooking and baking ever since I left home for college. And because I love it so and because I know, believe, and have seen that food can bring people from all kinds of stories together, I am constantly looking to share my love of food and eating. So get ready to feast your eyes and dig in!

So, now you've been introduced to me and the idea of this blog. Long-winded, I know. I'll do my best to keep the wordiness under control, but I make no promises - I'm well known for my verbosity.

If I haven't already deterred you, I hope you'll join me in sharing life on this sometimes crazy, sometimes mundane little blueberry of a planet in the universe.

Happiest of new years to you, friend. Stay excellent.

Oh! Before you go, you should meet the gang!

Indubitably, you will see much about these guys, my furry partners in crime. These four plus my man-human mate make up my pack.

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